I spoke with our wonderful Kindergarten teacher, Laura Greenwood, about her upcoming semester. Coming off of our two-week Christmas vacation, she says the hardest thing for her little students is getting back into the routine of regular school. The Kindergartners are now preparing for first grade by learning harder materials and having more responsibility. “They feel like big kids,” said Greenwood. When I then asked her about how the little ones have grown from the first day of school, her first response was, “Holy Cow.” She said the growth they have experienced was monumental with lots of new independence with basic school things. Greenwood said that “They are working towards good choices and better school behavior,” by the end of the year. She also has multiple helpers in forms of para-professionals, student-aides, and the rest of the school as a whole; “Mrs. Kohl is like my right-hand man,” said Greenwood.