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Resource Room

fallleaf2Welcome to the Resource Room!

New England School is a part of the West River Special Services Unit which serves the schools in southwest North Dakota. The resource room at New England is staffed daily by one special education teacher and four certified para-professionals. Occupational and physical therapy consultation services are provided through the unit on a bi-monthly basis. Speech-language services are also provided through the unit on a twice weekly basis. A certified speech-language pathologist assistant is on-site daily to provide services as needed.

Resource Room Stafffallleaf

Occupational Therapy – Terri

Physical Therapy – Mark Bogert

Special Education – MaryAnne Meyerhoeffer

Special Education Paraprofessional – Kristin K Jung

Special Education Paraprofessional – Betsy Madler

Special Education Paraprofessional – Kristi Madler

Special Education Paraprofessional РRachel Bock

Special Education Paraprofessional – Amy Keuhl

Speech/Language Pathology – Tyler Ihmels

Speech/Language Pathology Assistant – Tamara Volk