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5th Grade Supply List 2017-18


Please keep all items in the original boxes.

Notebooks (all college ruled & single subject)

*red (5 single subject)     *green     *yellow

Blue 3 subject college-ruled notebook

Black 3 subject college-ruled notebook

Folders (NO binders)

*red     *blue     *green     *yellow     *black     *your choice

Pencil pouch ( roughly 10.5″ x 6.5″)

Pens (2 different colors)

Pencils (2 packs of #2)

Pencil top erasers (1 packs)

Black permanent markers (2 fine)

Highlighters (4 different colors)

Colored pencils (12 pack or larger)

Expo markers (4 pack) & Expo eraser

Markers (10 pack CLASSIC colors)

Scissors (adult-sized)

Ruler (rigid, metric & standard)

Elmer’s school glue (1 four ounce bottle)

Rubber Cement (a total of 16 ounces)

Plastic pencil box (8″ x 5″ x 2.5″)


Phy Ed clothes (in a gym bag)

*shorts     *t-shirt     *tennis shoes     *deodorant     *comb/brush

Seasonal outside shoes

Art shirt

Kleenex (2 large boxes)