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Supplies Gr4

Supply List for 4th Grade


#2 pencils

Pencil Pouch

2 big pink or white erasers

10 pack Classic Color markers

colored pencils

2 highlighters–different colors

2 Black permanent markers

pointed scissors that fit student (good quality)

2 big boxes of Kleenex

12 inch ruler (standard & metric)

4   1-subject notebooks (wide ruled)

3 composition notebooks (wide ruled)

loose leaf paper (wide ruled)

crayons-24 pack

glue sticks

bottle of Elmers glue

Pencil top erasers

4 pack dry-erase markers & eraser

Crayola watercolors

3 ring binder-no less than 1 inch

6 folders that fit in binder (orange, yellow, green, red, blue, purple)

jump drive (small & cheap)

gym shoes