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Bullying Forms

In 2011, North Dakota legislators put new bullying legislation into effect. While the New England School District has always had a policy against bullying, this legislation caused us to take a comprehensive look at our existing policy and improve upon it.  A committee of district patrons, administration, and school board members worked to bring the school into compliance with the state mandate.

The full policy statement on bullying can be found in the student and staff handbooks.

The Student Bullying Reporting Form and Staff Bullying Reporting Form are intended to provide an avenue for students, staff and/or patrons to report an alleged bullying incident that they are involved in or have witnessed.

How to use and submit these forms


  1. Click on the link that applies to your incident, either the Student Reporting Form or the Staff Reporting Form. A hard copy of this form may also be found in the staff and student handbooks.
  2. Answer questions honestly and completely.
  3. You may either complete the form online or print it out and handwrite the answers to questions.
  4. Once completed, the form MUST be printed out and delivered to the school; it cannot be submitted electronically.

The complaint may be submitted in any of the following ways:

  1. Place in a sealed envelope and give to a member of the school staff or administration.
  2. Mail it to the school’s main office. May also be mailed to the school with name of a school staff member on the attention line. Mail to: New England Public School, PO Box 307, New England ND 58647.
  3. Place in one of two locked drop boxes located in the school. Please note that these boxes will be checked weekly.

All reports of alleged bullying will be investigated. The individual filing the complaint has the option of whether or not to place his/her name on the report. While a complaint may be filed anonymously, it may limit the district’s ability to investigate and respond to alleged violations. All investigations will be handled in a strictly confidential manner in accordance with the school’s bullying policy.