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Webcast Information

Welcome to the School Broadcast Program!

We will be using this webcast

to bring you a variety of events

from New England Public School.

Once clicking on the following portal link, you can either watch the on demand events (free after 72 hours) or watch a live event (you will need to purchase a subscription).

Live events have a black out time of a minimum of 72 hours. After 72 hours they move to the on demand option.

Subscribe and watch on your computer, smartphone, or tablet to get full access to your school events. A portion of your subscription purchase will be given back to this school for expenses. 

Full access for only $14.95/month ( single events, seasons and annual options also available) – includes all NFHS Network regular-season and post-season coverage including playoffs, tournaments, and championships from across the country. Subscriber-only access to all content through NFHS Network mobile app

Find your school’s content at

your video portal site here:

NEHS Webcast Portal